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JP-H04347991-A: Motion adaptive three-dimensional y/c separator circuit patent, JP-H04348164-A: Flame-retardant thermoplastic resin composition patent, JP-H04348222-A: Coating-type optical encoder patent, JP-H0434834-A: Metal halide lamp patent, JP-H04348497-A: Wireless receiver and wireless informing and alarming system using this patent, JP-H04348750-A: Massage bed patent, JP-H04348879-A: Ic socket tool patent, JP-H04349687-A: Semiconductor laser device patent, JP-H04350150-A: Austenitic heat resistant cast steel patent, JP-H04350870-A: Developing device for electrophotographic device patent, JP-H04351364-A: Lockup clutch structure of torque converter patent, JP-H04351429-A: Battery charger patent, JP-H0435144-A: Telephone system patent, JP-H04351549-A: Phenol resin laminated sheet and preparation thereof patent, JP-H04352046-A: Rom card patent, JP-H04352489-A: Method of solder treating printed wiring board patent, JP-H04353546-A: Cross-linked chlorine-containing rubber composition patent, JP-H04353659-A: Recording and reproducing apparatus patent, JP-H04354242-A: Personal communication system patent, JP-H04354423-A: Viterbi decoding method patent, JP-H04354591-A: Septic tank patent, JP-H04355060-A: Fused carbonate fuel cell generating device patent, JP-H04355172-A: Passbook printer patent, JP-H04355548-A: Station data management data updating method patent, JP-H04355987-A: Semiconductor laser patent, JP-H04356750-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H04356915-A: Gas source cell patent, JP-H04357032-A: Multilayered sheet and multilayered structural body patent, JP-H04357559-A: Id system patent, JP-H04357835-A: Wet processor patent, JP-H04357984-A: Pinball game machine patent, JP-H04359858-A: Surface light source device patent, JP-H04360344-A: Demodulator for digital modulation signal patent, JP-H04361020-A: Bonding method using high-frequency induction heating patent, JP-H04361198-A: Treating method for radioactive waste liquid containing salt patent, JP-H04362220-A: Cooling device for ship engine patent, JP-H04362496-A: Aerospace craft patent, JP-H04362532-A: Optical recording medium and tracking servo circuit for optical recording medium patent, JP-H04363453-A: Structure of panel framework patent, JP-H04365148-A: Processor for managing plural volumes patent, JP-H04365594-A: Information communicating device patent, JP-H04366555-A: Grid unit for storage battery patent, JP-H0436689-A: Infrared detector patent, JP-H04367077-A: Image processing method and its device patent, JP-H04367364-A: Method and apparatus for casting metal patent, JP-H04367365-A: Fiber reinforced metallic cylindrical body and production thereof patent, JP-H04367567-A: Production of high-pressure phase boron nitride-based sintered compact patent, JP-H04367786-A: Installation of defoaming agent and purification tank patent, JP-H04368011-A: Composite component and manufacture of the same patent, JP-H04368264-A: Brake checking wagon patent, JP-H04368678-A: Magnetic disk device patent, JP-H04368930-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H04371593-A: Aluminum or aluminum alloy electroplating method patent, JP-H04371604-A: Snow-surface cold-insulating facility patent, JP-H04371872-A: Thermal printer patent, JP-H04372272-A: Picture reader patent, JP-H04372644-A: Phenol resin composition patent, JP-H04372817-A: Capacitance type sensor having digital output patent, JP-H0437846-A: Production of movie by 24 frames/sec video system patent, JP-H0438059-A: Transparent original reader patent, JP-H043830-A: Temperature stratification type cooling equipment patent, JP-H0439020-A: Method and device for detecting indirect resin pressure of injection molding machine patent, JP-H0439272-A: Optical fiber take-up device patent, JP-H0439376-A: Abrasive material composition patent, JP-H0439549-A: Heating and cooking device patent, JP-H0439571-A: Controller for hot air heater patent, JP-H0439859-A: Secondary battery electrode patent, JP-H0439938-A: Manufacture of integrated circuit patent, JP-H0440614-A: Head cleaning disk patent, JP-H0441509-A: Production of new copolymer latex patent, JP-H0442207-A: Autofocusing device patent, JP-H0443756-A: Picture reader patent, JP-H0444097-A: Electronic musical instrument and performance information storage device patent, JP-H0444497-A: Interface unit patent, JP-H0445281-A: Production of electroless plated resin molded body patent, JP-H0446009-A: Superconducting material and its production patent, JP-H0447561-A: Digital recorder patent, JP-H044775-A: Moving device for article patent, JP-H0449213-A: Skin protecting agent composition patent, JP-H0449381-A: Bathroom equipment patent, JP-H0449779-A: High voltage power supply unit patent, JP-H04500283-A: patent, JP-H04500541-A: patent, JP-H04501155-A: patent, JP-H04501265-A: patent, JP-H04501963-A: patent, JP-H04502910-A: patent, JP-H04503106-A: patent, JP-H04503164-A: patent, JP-H04504441-A: patent, JP-H04504984-A: patent, JP-H04505404-A: patent, JP-H04505675-A: patent, JP-H04505716-A: patent, JP-H04506228-A: patent, JP-H04506569-A: patent, JP-H04506824-A: patent, JP-H04506974-A: patent, JP-H04506978-A: patent, JP-H0450748-A: Method and device for testing material patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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